It is our privilege to bring to you our 23rd annual bull sale.

This year we have a group of bulls I think you will be impressed with. They are Gelbvieh, Angus and Balancers. They have been developed and grown out to get them in the right condition for optimum service and insured soundness. There are 30 head of coming 2 year olds. They were brought along on a high roughage diet for this sale. There are 55 yearling bulls that are big stout bulls that are ready to breed a lot of cows this spring. They represent some of the latest and best genetics of the breeds. They have been grown out but not over fed to insure soundness.

All bulls will be have a semen evaluation and are guaranteed breeders. They will be trich tested and will have health clearance to go most anywhere in the US.

We run our cattle in range conditions and do not pamper them. Our cow run on the mountains around us in the summer and wean big calves so we know our genetics work in range conditions. The bulls you buy from us will sire daughters that will work. We are ruthless when it comes to culling. We simply get rid of any problem cows. If a cow has the type of udder that the new born calf needs help getting started nursing she is gone. If a cow is wild or hard to handle she is gone. Cows that wean light calves are replaced with heifers that have better genetics for growth. Our herd has evolved in to a problem free herd of cattle. So we are calling this the Problem Free Cattle Bull Sale.

We like light birth weight cattle that have fast early growth that mature early and at a moderate size. We do not believe in chas-ing extremes. You can breed for to much light birth weight and get cattle with small pelvises that can’t have moderate size calves or are to fine boned or they don’t grow. You can breed to much growth and loose calving ease and maternal traits and get to much frame. You can get to much milk and loose fertility and the ability to breed back in range conditions. So we believe in stay on the moderate side of maximum for all traits. We have been over 30 years developing this herd of cows and feel they are the right kind for the ranchers of this area to make money and maintain a productive trouble free herd.

It is an interesting time to be in the cattle business. With the national beef numbers down and the markets are very good. There always seems to be a better market for the better cattle so it pays to go after the best you can afford. Gelbvieh cattle have proven to be the favorite Continental breed to be used on British breeds for most feeders and packers. Gelbvieh cross cows are some of the most productive. Now is the time to implement some superior genetics to help you capitalize on the markets of the future. Thanks for your interest and good luck on sale day.

Cordell & Patty Sheridan